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This is the Consumer Fireworks and Low Impact Login page. On this page you will either log into an existing account previously created or you will create a new account. Once you have created an account you will use that account every year using the same login User ID and password for your applications and registrations.

Consumer Retail Sales Certificate application is required to be submitted online no later than midnight on April 1, each year.

If this is your first time accessing Michigan Fireworks you should first browse the Fireworks Programs home page 4 sections:
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Some of the information in those 4 sections will include:
Creating an account
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Submit an application for Consumer Fireworks for retail sales and all requirements
Submit a registration for Low Impact Fireworks retail sales and all requirements
Submitting Ownership Transfer or Location Transfer applications
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Pay Fire Safety Fees

If you are a returning retailer you will find it helpful to review the information below on this page.


Public Act 256 of 2011 provides for the sale of consumer fireworks in Michigan. To sell consumer fireworks you are required to apply online and obtain a consumer fireworks certificate. To obtain this certificate, you are required to apply to the Bureau of Fire Services in the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs no later than midnight April 1.

Please refer to the Application for Consumer FireworksTutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Certificate fees for 2015 are: $1,000 for Certificates for a Permanent Structure Retail Sales Location
                                             $600 for Certificates for a Non-Permanent Structure Retail Sales Location
(Please refer to Michigan Fireworks Safety Act No 256on the Fireworks Program page for definitions of Permanent and Non-Permanent Structures).

Payment of Certificate Fees may be done on-line during the Application process or after the on-line process by submitting a check or money order by mail. At the beginning of the application process you will choose your preferred method of payment. After reading the information on that page you will be asked to click on "I have read and agree to abide by all requirements on this page" link to proceed. Prior to clicking on the link please confirm your payment method and certificate type. IMPORTANT : Once you click on the link you will not be able to go back and change the method of payment on that application.

Consumer Fireworks Application Document Requirements include:
  • Copy of the applicant’s current sales tax license to be submitted after the on-line application is completed.
  • The applicant will be asked to attest to their Felony background during the on-line application. PA 256 of 2011 28.468b requires that applicants are denied issuance of a certificate if the person was sentenced for a felony conviction within the preceding 5 years or the person has ever been convicted of a felony involving theft, fraud, or arson.
  • A copy of the Site and Floor Plans if your retail sales location is over the exempt amount. (Please follow the link “Fireworks Safety General Rules” on the Fireworks Program home pageto learn about exempt amounts.) You will be asked to attest to each retail sales location as being over or under the exempt amount during the on-line consumer application process.
  • Printing the Required Document Pages; During the consumer on-line application you will be asked to click on the “Required Document Pages” and you will be asked to print a copy for your records.The information provided on those pages are helpful to avoid enforcement actions including civil fines and/or misdemeanor charges.
  • When selling a combination of Low Impact and Consumers Fireworks then you must also be on the Low Impact Registry for that location. Low Impact Registration is required 10 days prior to sales.
  • All required documents must be submitted at the same time. If you are missing any required documents your application will be denied. You will receive a notice of denial. You will then have 45 days to resubmit all of your documents.
  • Each document must have the certificate number included at the top of the page. (Certificate # examples are: 2015-CT12345 or 2015-CP12345).
  • Fireworks Sales Reports and Fire Safety Fees are due on a monthly basis starting with the month that you are issued a Certificate. Please refer to the tutorial regarding Fire Safety Fees for more details as well as the links on the Fireworks Program home page; “Fireworks Safety Fee Payment Schedule” and “Retailers Fireworks Sales Report and Safety Fee Payment Form”.
  • During the on-line application process you will be asked to attest to the compliance of all requirements in Rules and Statute ONLY if you intend to open for sales after issuance of a Certificate prior to the site inspection.If found in noncompliance at the time of inspection you will be cited.

Prior to authorization to sell Consumer Fireworks, a retail location must follow applicable requirements of the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA 1124 as well as the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act 256, and Fireworks General Safety Rules. Each Consumer Retail Sales location will be required to undergo a Safety Inspection. You will be contacted by the inspector using your contact information submitted during the application process; phone numbers and emails.

NOTICE: The Department has posted administrative rules pursuant to Section 20 of the Fireworks Safety Act, 2011 Public Act 256, being MCL 28.470 and in accordance with Chapter 3 of the Administrative Procedures Act, being MCL 24.231 et seq.


Low Impact Registration:
  • Requirements for Low Impact Registration include registering 10 days in advance prior to any sales. You must submit a registration for each individual Low Impact retail sales location you will have.
  • Fireworks Sales Reports are due on a monthly basis starting with the month that you Register for Low Impact sales. Please refer to the tutorial “Fire Safety Fees” for more details. You may also use the links on the Fireworks Program home page “Fireworks Safety Fee Payment Schedule” and “Retailers Fireworks Sales Report and Safety Fee Payment Form”.
  • There are no Registration Fees associated with Low Impact Registration.

NOTE: Submitting a Consumer Certificate application does not automatically register you for Low Impact Sales.

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